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Weina Li

Hey there! 你好!

I’m Weina

A Chinese girl living in Los Angeles who enjoys all physical and creative activities.  

An interior designer who helps people design and transform their office spaces. 

A newbie blogger here to share her wonders, thoughts, discoveries, struggles with culture, work, life, play, and everything in between. 

Why Weinbetween

As a first-generation immigrant, I've always felt like I'm floating in an in-between state; In between two cultures, two countries and two languages.


• Weina- My personal experiences. 

• We, who moved to this country some time in our life, to study, support our family, and help create a better life for the future generations. 

5 fun fact

5 fun facts about me


Originally from the northeast China, I have been living in Los Angeles since 2005. I grew up in a city that snows every winter, and now I consider it too cold when it's below 70°F. 


I'm an interior designer by training. No one in my family is in the creative field. My parents used to be against me choosing interior design as a field. They wanted me to be a nurse or accountant. 


I love Latin music and have fallen in love with salsa dancing. For two years, I would go to my local dance studio after work or on the weekends and stay for social dance nearly every night. I'm pretty sure one of the dances I performed in elementary school contributed to my love for Latin music.


One of the first jobs I had in L.A. was as a card dealer in a local casino. I went to a dealer school to learn how to deal cards and play all the games for 3 months before I started. Never in my life did I think I'd be good at dealing cards.


Growing up, I always dreamed about traveling the world. Flying to LA was my first experience on an airplane. Now, I've traveled to 12 countries and 4 continents, with many other places on my list to visit. Every time I visit some place new, I fall more in love with the different cultures of the world. 

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