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Fight For Your Peace

Boundaries are important. Thoughts on boundary settings and stepping out of my comfort zone to fight for my peace.

[July, 2014 | Istanbul, Turkey]

A great reminder for me lately as I’m working on my boundary settings. This quote also remind me another one I saw lately,

“If you want peace, prepare for war.”

We all have comfort zone that we stuck in. Lately for me, it’s working long hours and do whatever people is asking of me. I feel like if I don’t work long hours, I will not be valuable. If I don’t agree with people, they won’t like me. If I say no to people, they will think less of me.

Then I noticed all my reason behind this is not passion and love, it’s all fear based! Where did my passion go? Once upon a time, working hard doesn’t feel that tiring and exhausting. I was excited and proud of what I’m doing. Exhausted? Yes! But with passion not fear.

I’m like a ship without compass, not sure where am I going lately. I know coming out of that comfort zone is not easy. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I will need to find my passion and light up that fire again! I will need to commit to getting to know myself better everyday with love and self-respect. I will need to be curious, open and let go of outside distractions and be true to myself.

What’s your rainbow? What’s your peace? Are you fighting for it?


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