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Let Go of Old Stories

What are some old stories we keep telling ourselves that kept us from moving forward? Time to notice and let them go.

[Self portrait | Aug. 2020 | Iphone XR]

If we keep telling ourselves one story over and over again, it really becomes reality for us.

For instance, one of the story I keep telling myself is that I'm shy, another one is I'm always the unlucky one. I'm not sure where and when I got these ideas from, but it really stuck with me for years. After talking with my coach and having some time to reflect on this, I realized that I am not shy and I am not unlucky. It's just some old stories I keep telling myself.

“Let go of the old stories you tell yourself, in order to make way for new ones.” - Tamara Levitt (from daily calm)

I think these thoughts came up at some point in my life and maybe true at the time, however, it stuck with me and never left, then at some point it became an excuse for me. I'm allowing myself to walk with my head down because I'm shy; I'm allowing myself to be as small as possible when I enter a meeting room; I'm allowing myself to be unnoticeable; I'm also allowing myself to think about why bad things keep happening to me.

Thank you old stories for the time we are together, but It's time for me to let you go! What are some of your old stories you can let go of?


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