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Out with old, In with none

My one year NO shopping challenge. #noshoppingchallenge

[Dec. 2020 | Paso Robles, California]

People who know me well would start laughing at me right about now! I've been talking about quit shopping for a couple of years already, but somehow, that year always end up with me stressed out, and start shopping again.

What Happened In The Past

2020, I started strong, lasted four months. However, being stir-crazy at home did not help, and I started shopping again in May. 2019 I worked so much and often stressed out. Shopping mindlessly became my best anxiety relief. So, there is always an excuse for me to shop in the past years. Why so addicted? The buying experience, the excitement of opening boxes, poor impulse control, FOMO, etc.....

Try Again

Failure will happen, and failure is an opportunity to build resilience, to practice forgiveness of self and of others, and to gain wisdom." - Dr. Jim Loehr

So, I've decided to try again this year! As I was setting my new year intentions, this one became top on my list. In the past years, I approached this with a negative mindset. I shamed myself for buying so many useless items, hated myself for scrolling shopping apps, and blamed myself for not strong enough to stop buying. This year, I'm going to approach it with a positive mindset. It's nothing wrong that I love clothes and shoes, I'm not going into debt because of it, and I'm spending within my means. However, I want to build a healthier relationship with shopping and save more money for future investment opportunities.

I will go in 2021 without shopping for new clothes, shoes, and accessories (My top 3 spending categories). Using this time to clean up and reorganize, mentally and spatially. Taking time to really dig deep, and understand my habit and emotions attached to shopping.

The Plan - E. S. S. D.

  1. Eliminate and clean up the closet using Marie Kondo's method. Delete all shopping apps on my phone (except Amazon and Target for food and household things).

  2. Store eliminated items at parents' house temporarily (This will give me some peace of mind, so I won't be too nervous doing this). Out of sight, out of mind. See if I would actually want to wear any of these initially eliminated items.

  3. Sell good quality unwanted items on Poshmark.

  4. Donate everything that didn't sell at the end of 2021.

Let's see how this works! I will update you my journey all along the way!


If you are interested, you can find my Poshmark account here.


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