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Never too late to learn anything with Daniela Przybyszewska

Daniela is an English teacher, pronunciation coach, speaking club host and blogger based in San Jose, California. She was born and raised in Bulgaria, and moved to the U.S. when she was 25 years old. Daniela created everyspeakercounts recently to help people with their English journey.

In this episode, Daniela shared her English learning journey, and how she went from not knowing any English to teaching pronunciation. We also talked about her first work experience in the U.S.. How she pushed herself outside of her comfort zone by working as receptionist at Marrriott hotel. Daniela also shared why she chose journalism as her major in college, and how specialize in magazine writing helped her career later on. We also talked about how she got into teaching pronunciation and became an accent coach.

I'm just amazed how Daniela never stopped learning. In her 20's she learned 2 foreign languages - Polish and English. In her 30's she started learning aerial silk and started teaching it after few years. During Covid pandemic, she went back to school got her master degree in English pronunciation.

Can't wait for you to hear her stories!

Here are few ways to connect with Daniela!

Instagram: @flawsomely_fluent


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