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Reclaiming your cultural identity with Hannah Lin

Hannah Lin is a social worker and a Podcast host based in Toronto, Canada. She was born in China and moved to Canada with her mom when she was 9 years old. Hannah started her social entrepreneur journey in 2020 and rebranded her podcast in 2022. Now in her podcast inWellnest, her and her co-host talks about everything wellness and women's journey.

In this episode, Hannah shared her language learning journey when she just moved to Canada, the struggle and confusion for her to learn English and French at the same time and how she got them mixed up at the beginning. We talked about the culture shock she experienced when she first moved there, and how she's trying to reclaim her cultural identity now in her 20's. Hannah also shared why she switched from urban planner to social worker, and why she decided to start her own podcast in 2020.

You can find her on instagram @inwellnest.

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