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Stop Asian Hate

Over the weekend, I was reflecting on this past year and this past week's tragedy events. I feel drained, feel angry, feel injustice, feel disgusted, and feel hope.

I feel drained because the hate in this country hasn't stopped even though the human race collectively is facing a pandemic together.

I feel angry, injustice and disgusted. Innocent people got shot in their bed, got shot in their backs, got killed in their backyard thought they called for help, older citizens got hit on, shoved on the ground, and got killed on their daily walks, women got killed in their workplace.

Where is justice?!

As a first-generation immigrant, I did not know much about racism and discrimination in the earlier years. When I moved here, my family told me we are the foreigners here, don't stick your head out, don't make any trouble, just be safe. I'm sure they experienced way more racism than me but never told me.

I've been told "your English is pretty good" before, but English is my second language. I've been asked, "where are you from" before, but I wasn't from here. I can't imagine how annoying and frustrating it must be for Asians born and grew up in this country. Many Asians are second, third, or fourth generations are natives to this country, yet they are still being asked the same questions as if they don't belong here. It's not okay!

I feel fine because I was already an adult coming here. I didn't feel like I belong for a long time, but it's normal. I was new here. I was new to the language, culture, and everything.

But I feel angry for Asians who grew up here and experienced racism, discrimination their whole lives. I feel mad thinking about the influences this kind of environment has on young people! I feel sad when I think about my parents, aunt, and uncles, those older generation Asians—those who don't speak much English and swallowed all the sorrows and injustice for their children. And I fear for the next generations, our children, what kind of environment will they grow up in?

I feel hopeful and encouraged that many Asians are now standing up and speaking up. I'm not the speaking-up type myself. I don't like to stir up the pot and make troubles like how I taught. But how long can you hide?

"If you want peace, prepare for war.", It's true. Enough is enough, and people are now standing up fighting for what they deserve, fighting for their rights and justice. I no longer seeing quiet Asians. Instead, I see warriors. I see warriors fighting for our visibility, standing up for our communities, speaking up for the injustice. I feel hope for our future generations. Not just Asians, but everyone, all races.

We are all humans and very similar in a lot of ways. Growing up in China, I didn't know anyone from other races. Remember my first year living in Los Angeles and meeting people from all over the world really opened up my eyes. All the stereotypes media told you are wrong! They are just like you, but with different skin colors and grew up in another country.

I can tell you from my experience that if you make an effort to get to know someone who is not your race, who doesn't look like you, who doesn't speak the same language, what you'll discover is we are all the same! We all want to be safe, we all want to be happy, we all want to be loved, we all want friends and companionships. Hate will not make you happy, it will not contribute positively to your life in any way!


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