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Teaching pronunciation as a non-native speaker with Ben

Ben was born, grew up, and lives in Santiago, Chile. He is an ESL teacher, accent and pronunciation coach who works with professionals that work or live in the United States. Ben is also a language nerd. He can speak 4 languages fluently - Spanish, English, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.

In this episode, Ben shared how he got into loving English and English pronunciation even though he lived in Chile his whole life. He shared his own English learning journey with us, and why he regretted the decision to modify his accent and was afraid of speaking English at a certain point in his life. Ben also shared what the journey looks like to him teaching pronunciation as a non-native speaker, misconceptions, and the struggles that come with it. We also talked about accent discrimination, what is Native-Speakerism, and so much more.

Here are few ways to find him!

Instagram: @absolutefluency

You can also book your free consultation with Ben here.


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