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Anything is Possible

What running and yoga taught me this year.

[March, 2014 | Mount Lowe Railway Historical Marker, Altadena, CA]

I'm happy to report that today I run 2 miles, 25 minutes without stopping. This might be nothing for some people, but it's a big win for me!

I've always hated running in my adulthood. (Fun fact, I was a runner when I was little. Back in elementary school, I used to compete every year - short distance, long distance and 4x4 relay). Only time I run would be as a 10 mins warmup in the gym on a treadmill. Running always seems so boring to me. I feel like I stuck with myself and my own thought when I run, doesn't seem attractive at all. Also the movements are boring to me as well, you are just doing the same thing over and over again. However, I forgot that I've changed over the years, I used to not like yoga because it's so slow and boring, now I practice yoga consistently. So it's really the old story of me hate running at one point of my life stuck with me, and I kept telling myself I hate running and believed it as a fact.

What got me start running this year is the fact I'm getting too stir crazy at one point and really need to go outside and clear my mind. I needed to get away from all screens (phone, computer, TV) and get in touch with the sun, fresh air and nature. And I really needed to get away from this 600 sqft space that I lived and worked everyday since mid March for few minutes few times a week.

So I started running early November. Thanks to the guided runs from NRC app kept me motivated and guided me to run easy and relaxed. I've done 11 runs so far ranging from 15-40 minutes, and I'm loving it! I really love how I can be moving outside, I love to see all the beautiful plants from my neighborhood I never paid attention to. And interestingly, I love the time alone with myself and my own thoughts, it's like a moving meditation for me.

So today when I say it's a big win for me, it's not because I can run 2 miles none-stop, that's not the point. The point is that one more time, fitness gives me the belief and hope for life. This year, yoga and running really showed me how anything is possible!

Letting go of your expectations and working on it consistently. Showing up for yourself everyday, one minute at a time, one foot in front another, just keep going. You will be surprised how far you can go!


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