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Solo Episode - 2022 Kick Off

Hello friends! It took me awhile but we are kicking off this year with a solo episode. Want to share with you what's in the plans for this year along with some random personal updates.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you my 2022 new year intention; What's in the plans for this year and how all of that affects the podcast for this year.

One side notes, I’m super nervous about this episode! First of all, it’s just me talking and I didn’t write a script. Secondly, I only recorded once (usually I record many times for those short videos)! I did want to re-record, but stopped myself! Anyways, it’s not a perfect episode, thank you for listening and your support as always!

1. 2022 new year intention. 05:07

2. What's in the plans for this year. 09:30

3. How all of the plans affects the podcast for this year. 13:23


Thank you so much for listening and being part of this community!

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