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Making impacts through fitness and wellness with Ana Ramirez

Ana is an entrepreneur, graphic designer, Zumba instructor, and Yoga teacher. She was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. Ana moved to Canada with her husband at age of 31. At the time, she was already established her graphic design career in Mexico City. Ana is passionate about everything fitness and wellness. She started @thefitgirl_mvmt and @powerflow_mvmt community page during the Covid19 pandemic. Her goal is to help women become physically and mentally stronger in the way that’s right for them.

In this episode, Ana shared her immigrant journey, her biggest struggle when she first moved to Canada, some of her fun work experiences, why and how she started her entrepreneur adventure!

Freshly made Day of the Dead Bread that Ana mentioned at the end of the show.

Here are few ways to find her!

The Fit Girl Movement:


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