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Starting again: New Year intentions

My new year intentions going into 2021.

[Dec. 2020 | Paso Robles, California]

This year, I'm setting new year intentions instead of resolutions. Switching from a negative mindset - trying to change and fix myself because there is something wrong with me, to a positive mindset - trusting that I'm already complete whole and worthy. Working to create a better relationship with myself, and other things I want to work on.

Focus on the important few

“Focus on the important few and ignore the rest.” - Tim Ferriss

I only set 2 intentions this year. By keeping it simple so I don't get overwhelmed, and really be able to keep my focus.

1. No shopping for one year

I will go in 2021 without shopping for new clothes, shoes, and accessories (My top 3 spending categories). Using this time to clean up and reorganize, mentally and spatially. Taking time to really dig deep, and understand my habit and emotions attached to shopping.

2. Do more things outside of my comfort zone

Challenge myself this year to be scared but still do it. Do comfort challenge at least once a month. Reflect and review at end of the month, see how I feel, and if I'm getting too comfortable in certain areas. working on building a better relationship with unknowns and fear.

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