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Use Your Voice with Alexis Wong

Alexis is a public speaking coach based in Portland, Oregon. She was born and raised in San Francisco, first-generation on her dad's side and 3rd generation San Franciscan on her mom's side. In this episode, Alexis shared how it is like growing up as a Chinese-American in San Francisco. She also shared her interesting career journey with us - how she started as an architect, pivoted to acting, UX design, and now a public speaking coach. We had a lot of fun talking about language, voice, and her thoughts on non-standard accents, the importance of keeping a learning mindset, and the benefits of having a private coach when possible.

If you are interest, here is a career journey diagram Alexis mentioned on the show. Maybe this will inspire you to make one for yourself!

This is our last guest for 2021! As we shared in this episode, Alexis and I met through @womentalkdeisgn, a community that elevates women and gender non-binary speakers, empowers event organizers to engage more diverse speakers, and offers training & support for new speakers. I would love to invite you to check out their website if you are looking for public speaking support.

I feel like this is a great conversation to end the year on. Using your voice, speaking up, and speaking with a foreign accent are essentially some of the main reasons for creating this podcast.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout this year. It's the fuel for me to keep this going when I hit roadblocks, and it gives me the courage to continue to make this podcast better and more helpful to our listeners in the future.


Thank you so much for listening and being part of this community!

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